Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh my goodness...

I don't want to jinx it, but from what I saw today...

I have a GREAT class!!! 

I am so excited! I am sitting 19 students right now, which is a good number.

I over planned for our first day. It always happens that way. Better to be prepared, though. We started the day by sorting school supplies and I gave them the doodle sheet for math. These will go on the front of our math notebooks. You can download them for free HERE! They aren't my creation.

Then we went of the WBT Class; Yes and the 5 rules. I really love the rules and the hand motions. The process grabs their attentions and creates anchors in their minds for the rules.

The highlight of our day was working on our Peek Face Portraits. They are so unique. I love that we put more thought into our goals this year. They had to choose a behavior, academic, and personal goal. Take a look!

Do you see that she wants to learn different languages? Isn't that awesome!

I love how a few of the boys decided to use a pattern for their background. :)

We got our math notebooks mostly set up, but since we had two specials, PE and Music, we didn't get it all finished. That is ok. We will have time tomorrow. I think.

I am sad to say that I chickened out on starting the Daily 4 today. Ugh. I will be braver tomorrow!

I lose confidence in myself over the summer when it comes to commanding the classroom. Does anyone else feel that way? It usually takes me a few days to get back in the swing of things.

I will see you later in the week!

I am planning on getting my kids set up on Edmodo and MyKidsBank for us to play on tomorrow. They will start XtraMath tomorrow as well. We will use the iPads for a QR code activity on Wednesday.

Here's to starting strong!

I hope you enjoyed your first day back at school this year.


Raye said...

I love the peek faces. We did them last year and I plan to do them again this year. I love how you gave them the different types of goals. I may have to steal it!

Chrissy said...

Those portraits are gorgeous! You have very talented students. I'm having a wonderful year with my 19 kids too. Here's to a fantastic 2013-2014!

amy.lemons said...

Their handwriting is phenomenal! I can't how awesome they write for beginning of the year 2nd graders!!!

amy.lemons said...

Nevermind, you teach 4th now!!! Makes so much more sense, and I don't have to cry over my 2nd graders chicken scratch, ha!

Conni said...

LOVE these portraits! I can't figure out how you got the notebook paper copy on the construction paper though. Our xerox doesn't run paper that size...that I know of. I'm probably asking a dumb question, but how did you prepare these papers for the students to write and draw on? Thanks!

Becca Morris said...

Conni- I can' t email you because you haven't linked your email. You can download the template here:
I just copied them onto regular copy paper.

Aneta Brown said...

This is awesome and perfect for Thursday!!!
I am going to do it!!!!

Diana Tompkins said...

Is there a blackline for this activity? It is so cool!

lisa Hanson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lisa Hanson said...

I found another version of this activity.


Thank you so much!

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